Oculus Rift Support Hacked into PC GTA V Already

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man who knows even more about how PCs work than those people who phone up pretending to be from Microsoft has hacked Oculus Rift support into GTA V, letting users use their actual heads and necks to look around the PC version's beautiful world.

In a game like GTA, where looking around all the time is a key part of the reason the thing exists, it looks like headset support adds absolutely loads to the experience. Here's a video that could convince you to spend unheralded amounts of money on new graphics cards and special screens to put all over your face, so watch with caution:

Seeing it work like that makes you think VR's going to be essential for the games of the future, and not just some novelty mode to play with for five minutes.

If you've got a PC that can run GTA nicely, a headset, and the inclination, the creator of the video says he used vorpX to map GTA's visuals to the Oculus Rift's Dev Kit 2 device, while controlling the rest of the game with an Xbox 360 pad; instantly creating the sort of experience that could sell VR to the casual gaming masses. [Kotaku]


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