Pease Pudding Triggers Airport Terrorism Scare

By Gary Cutlack on at

Regional foodstuff pease pudding triggered a security scare at Newcastle Airport recently, after a local man was found to be travelling with a batch of the stuff in his hand luggage.

The 58-year-old man was preparing to take a flight from Newcastle to Gatwick, and had taken the precaution of loading up on six tins of pease pudding and some Greggs pastries before boarding his EasyJet flight -- just in case they only have steamed broccoli and ironic cereals for £7 a pop down to eat in London.

The mashed vegetable food, which resembles mouldy tile adhesive, was still sealed in its original, clearly marked tins. This didn't stop the hand luggage checker from from pulling up the passenger and asking what the stuff was, though, with the x-ray machine man telling him: "...technically, this could be classed as Semtex."

"It is quite hard to get your hands on pease pudding down south," the traveller explained in his defence. And he got away with it. He was allowed on the plane with his emergency food supply, with only a verbal warning to check his exotic northern foodstuffs into the hold the next time he goes away. [Mirror]

Image credit: Pease pudding from Shutterstock