People Throw Themselves at Cars For Money More Often Than We Realised

By Maddie Stone on at

So, apparently people jumping in front of cars and feigning injuries for money is a thing. But now, tough times have befallen these con artists, thanks to the fact that video cameras are literally everywhere.

Car insurance scams are a lot more common than you might think. According to one source, fraud factors into as many as 1 out of every 3 insurance claims in New York City. It’s a disturbing pattern, but, given the ubiquity of cameras in modern cars and on our phones, one that may soon become passé. At least we’ll have this six minute montage of insurance scammers looking completely ridiculous to remember this singular moment in human history.

In my opinion, the best part of the video starts at 3:50, when a tiny woman with a cane, thwarted once by a vigilant driver, literally dive bombs the front of his car. Now that’s dedication to your craft.