People Who Want an Apple Watch Buy an Apple Watch

By Gary Cutlack on at

A poll into the shopping habits of potential Apple Watch buyers suggests their minds are already made up upon entering the shop, with stats saying between 85 and 90 per cent of people who made an appointment to try one on ended up ordering the smartwatch right there and then.

The data comes from financial services company Cowan, which sent a man out to visit Apple shops in San Francisco to poll staff about the buying habits of the worthy. Claiming to have spoken to "several dozen" sales people while legitimately buying coffee on expenses and enjoying being out of the office for once, the man says the resulting numbers prove that virtually everyone who booked a try-on appointment at one of the shops went on to buy one of the new smartwatches.

It's almost as if they liked Apple and wanted to buy the new Apple thing. Amazing. The numbers have been subsequently crunched a bit, with Cowan guesstimating via the magic of multiplication that this means around one million of the Apple Watches may have been ordered thus far.

And that one million number has been backed up by Slice Intelligence in a slightly wider and more thorough poll of shoppers. Claiming to have monitored two million digital shopping receipts, it says it thinks 957,000 Americans ordered the Apple Watch on day one -- spending an average of $503.83 per device. [Apple Insider]