Popcorn Time is Over Thanks to UK ISP Block Rule

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popcorn Time, the easy-access streaming tool that turns the mass resources of Bittorrent into a visual media library, is the latest site to have its URLs added to the UK ban list, with ISPs now required to limit access to some of its addresses.

The UK court has added four of the site's URLs to its naughty list at the request of a court order made by the US-based Motion Picture Association, meaning those who try to download the app via popcorntime.io, flixtor.me, popcorn-time.se and isoplex.isohunt.to will soon find access denied. The app itself will continue to work for existing users, though, since it's built around a P2P network -- the ruling will only make it marginally tougher for newcomers to find the installer. Hardly a killer blow, but a good first step in making it a pain to find.

As with the many Pirate Bay and MP3 download site bans, the major ISPs are now required to add the Popcorn Time enabler sites to its block lists, with Sky, BT, EE, TalkTalk and Virgin Media all gearing up to expand the list of sites us people in the UK can't be trusted to see, lest we bring about the end of Hollywood by not paying for its latest pile of warm retreaded dirge. [Variety via Engadget]