Pret a Manger Goes Jazz/Booze for Posh Evening Party Crowd

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sandwich chain Pret a Manger wants to make sandwiches for one an acceptable evening meal, with its flagship shop on London's Strand now upping the ambience and changing the menu in a hope to bag more of the post-work eating crowd.

The changes are being introduced as part of a concept the chain describes as "Good Evenings," with a new menu, mood music, a bar and even a selection of jazz tunes playing in the background to encourage diners to pop their dinner into a paper bag while hopefully choosing something more nutritious than crisps.

The Strand shop now comes with a maître d' of sorts, with a staff member presenting a menu upon entering the premises, a menu complete with such posh aspirational food as sweet potato wedges, falafel and some hopeful salads. There's even a selection of wines on offer in the shop for the first time, and the option to sit in as if you're in a proper chain restaurant franchise, and not the same place you also bought your breakfast and lunch from because you only own one saucepan and going home makes you sad.

"Customers have been asking us for some time about creating an early evening menu, so we're giving it a go," said Pret's creative chef Nick Sandler. The posh option is available from 6pm until 10:45pm in the Strand branch. [The Grocer]