Rebranded Radioactive Fukushima Foodstuffs Could Hit the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

Contaminated food from the mildly radioactive regions of post-apocalyptic Japan could be on sale in the UK, thanks to a combination of dodgy relabelling by supply chain con artists and slack UK food safety laws. Although there's no proof it's happened, so no need to bin all your green tea just yet.

The claim comes from the Independent, which says Taiwanese investigators found a collection of "radioactive food products" that originated in the Fukushima region -- but had been relabelled as coming from Tokyo to circumvent export checks.

This means that, theoretically at least, some duff and potentially radioactive noodles and tea bags could've made it to the UK. The Independent quotes food safety consultancy Alastair Marke as saying: "I suspect what has happened in Taiwan might well have already happened in the UK. Intermediary supply chain middlemen can buy food in bulk and package and label as they like -- before shipping them to the UK."

Current rules state that any food produced for export in the danger zone must be declared as such, so it can be checked before leaving the country and again when it arrives here. If someone's sticking a label over where it says "MANUFACTURED IN THE DANGER ZONE" the UK border patrols have no reason to run a radiation check and your green tea might therefore be a bit greener than usual. [Independent]

Image credit: Geiger counter from Shutterstock