Run Far Away From This Sword-Fighting Robot While You Still Can

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Scientists find out how much we want to kill 1920s Hitler, Lollipop comes to Cyanogen, and some nutter teaches a robot to duel. This is news-fuelled BitStream round-up.

Just a matter of days after news reaches us that the UN is to debate whether to ban killer robots, a team of scientists from Japan's Namiki Laboratory has created a robot that can defend itself from sword attacks, with shocking accuracy and speed.

It's all done with clever algorithms and lots of programming, but scaremongering aside: WHAT IF THIS THING LEARNS TO ATTACK FIRST, ROLLS OUT ON ITS EVER-SO-HANDY SET OF WHEELS AND LAYS WASTE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC?

See, we have to consider these things. I will send a link for this page to the UN for the good of the world's population. [Fox News]

  • Men are more likely than women to go back in time and kill Hitler, according to a psychological study. An editor somewhere has been waiting his or her entire life to write that headline. [Vice]

Apps and Devices

  • WhatsApp pushes out a huge cosmetic redesign to be more inline with Google’s Material design thoughts on Lollipop. [TNW]
  • The Lollipop update for CyanogenMod is finally here and is pushing out to OnePlus One devices first. And there was great rejoicing. [Cyanogen]
  • The music app for iOS sees big changes in the iOS 8.4 [9to5Mac]


  • Yesterday, rumours said Nokia was selling of HERE Maps, and now a fresh rumour says the company may be looking to buy the french hardware maker Alcatel-Lucent. Nokia be making some moves, y'all. [Windows Central]
  • ASUS looks to be launching a fitness-focused smartwatch with 10-day battery life but doesn’t come with any of the added benefits of Android Wear. [Android Community]
  • The Surface Pro 4 may be revealed at Microsoft’s Build developers conference in late April, which would be one of Microsoft’s first hardware announcements at the primarily software-focused event. [Trusted Reviews]
  • Remember that awesome idea to turn your iPhone into a Game Boy? Well, Android won’t be left out of the loop (hopefully). [Imgur]

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