Samsung Has a Team of 200 That Works Solely on Apple Products

By Gary Cutlack on at

Despite their many public fallings out regarding patents and the respective public branding of each other as the maker of devices for sheep and copycat artists, Samsung and Apple's relationship appears to be stronger than ever -- with Samsung said to be employing a team of around 200 just to help develop displays for Apple products.

According to Bloomberg, the standalone team of 200 atĀ Samsung Display Co. exists solely to build screens forĀ iPads and MacBooks, working with Apple to solve tech issues and push forward the heady world of screen technology, and operating as a sort of autonomous, completely separate and rather secretive division within Samsung that exists above the usual law.

This new super display team was formed as recently as April 1st this year, according to Bloomberg's source, and comes at a time when Samsung seems to be falling back on the core business of component manufacturing amid worries that the growth of its own smartphone business has plateaued. Read more >

Analyst Jerry Kan told the site: "The new exclusive team for Apple implies that the relationship between Samsung and Apple has improved. This also suggests that Samsung Display will win screen orders from Apple, such as for the Apple Watch." [Bloomberg]