Samsung Plays "Will it Bend?" With its Own Phone

By Gary Cutlack on at

The internet's current tech scandal involves the robustness or otherwise of Samsung's new Galaxy S6 Edge, with some suggesting the glass-sided phone is a bit on the fragile side. Enter Samsung with some scientists and complicated lab equipment to prove otherwise.

Samsung has gone so far as to put together an Official Statement on the Smartphone Durability Test Result that gained so much traction on the internet recently, with the Samsung team educating us all on the normal levels of force one might expect to see exerted on a phone should it be erroneously placed in a back pocket and sat upon by one of today's morbidly obese consumers.

Samsung says the original test's claim that a phone should be able to withstand a force of 110lbf (50kgf) is a poor assumption to base an argument on, claiming that: "The normal force that generated when a person presses the back pocket is approximately 66lbf (30kgf)."

Here's Samsung putting one of its own phones in the company's Bend-o-Tron 3000:

Samsung complains that SquareTrade only tested the front side of the phone and didn't take into account pressure applied from the back or sideways, and is asking SquareTrade to retest the phone and publicise the refreshed results. [Samsung]