Samsung's Finally Got a Round Smartwatch on the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

I've never been all that excited about this whole 'smartwatch' thing for many reasons. It certainly hasn't helped that many a watch's design is reminiscent of the rubbishy digital watches from the '70s. Some companies have already realised this fatal flaw, and others have not. Samsung appears to be the latest smartwatch maker to finally take the hint.

A round Samsung watch has been rumoured for nearly a year, but there has never been any official announcement from the company. That's changed as of today with the announcement that Samsung is releasing a brand new smartwatch SDK for app developers. That announcement just so happened to come with this tantilising teaser:

In typical Samsung fashion it's an in-your-face hint rather than a direct announcement, but it doesn't exactly leave room for much speculation. The only thing we can speculate on is the watch's operating system. But since Samsung has had to release a brand new SDK it's safe to assume that it'll run Tizen rather than the already-round-friendly Android Wear.

There's no information on a name or possible release date just yet, but we probably won't be seeing this watch in action for a while. Devs do need time to tinker with their apps after all. I'd guess September's IFA trade show is the earliest possibility for an announcement, but it could always end up arriving later than that. [Samsung via Engadget]