Scottish MP Clocks Himself Speeding With Bike App Strava

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has accidentally dropped himself into a bit of trouble, after allegedly clocking himself driving at 81mph using cycling timing app Strava.

Rennie was on his way home from a cycling event in Edinburgh, where he'd used popular GPS ride-logging app Strava on his smartphone to record his little trundle around the city centre as part of the weekend's Pedal on Parliament safety drive.

The MSP managed an average speed of just 11mph during the cycling event according to the app, but somehow managed to get himself up to a much more impressive 81.2mph on the way home -- presumably with some help from an engine -- according to data logged by the Strava app that he'd apparently left running all day.

A Scottish Lib Dem spokesman told the Daily Record this may or may not have happened as reported and that the app shouldn't be trusted to track cars, saying: "This is an app for measuring running and cycling, not cars travelling on motorways. Willie always tries to stick to the speed limit and does not believe he broke it on this drive, but it is always worth everyone remembering the importance of driving safely." [Daily Record via Cycling Weekly]