Sky Has Pretty Much Just Killed 3D TV in the UK

By Gerald Lynch on at

Well, this comes as little surprise really, doesn't it? 3D TV has been on life support for a good few years now, and Sky's finally come to terms with that. It's pulling the plug on its dedicated 3D channel, five years after its debut.

That's not to say it's giving up on 3D entirely. Rather, it's moving it to a more natural (and niche) home in Sky's extensive On Demand library. Sky Box Sets, Sky Movies and Sky Store will share the 3D content, putting it up for download, which numbers around 60 shows and films. For five years worth of content, that's hardly a lot then.

If ever you were in any doubt that 3D is truly dead, well, one of it's biggest broadcast investors has just given you your answer. All that remains now is to see how long it'll take for Sky to fill the gap with 4K content instead. [Sky]