Sky+ Update Brings a Simple But Brilliant Tweak to the Planner

By Gary Cutlack on at

Remember that old glossy rectangle in the corner of the living room that used to bring you so much joy as a child? Sky's having another go at making it as much fun as staring at your telephone, adding loads of new options to the Sky+ box software and reworking the immense schedules of the Planner to make finding the Julia Bradbury episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me less of a chore.

Sky's particularly pleased that someone had the idea of sticking your most recently recorded shows at the top of the Planner instead of down at the bottom, instantly making it simpler to find the last thing you saved for later. Plus there's now a Scheduled tab added to the listings, so it's more straightforward to manage the stuff you're queuing up for the future.

There's also about to be a Delete All option appearing inside TV box sets so you can bin a whole run of a show in one go, plus Sky is adding a Sky Movies and Sky Store trailers section so you can watch trailers for films that will, inevitably, turn out not to be very good.

Sky's engineers have also worked with the RNIB to add a high contrast and bold text option to help the partially sighted, plus there's a Family setting to hide all the late night porn phone-in groin-gyrating channels. And the box will switch itself into a low power mode between 2.45am and 5.45am, saving you a few fractions of pence.

The update's rolling out now, and should be with everyone "by the end of June." [Sky]