Slightly Radioactive Drone Spotted on Japanese Prime Minster's Roof

By Gizmodo on at

By Bryan Lufkin

There are plenty of things you might welcome on your roof: squirrels, tasteful weathervanes, Santa. But a radioactive drone probably isn’t one of them. Disturbingly, that’s exactly what was found atop Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office on Wednesday morning.

The good news? The unidentified ‘bot only contained “minuscule” levels of radiation. Prime Minister Abe was in Indonesia when the drone was spotted and the UAV was subsequently ferried away by a bomb squad.

2015, which can now officially be subtitled Drones Gone Wild, has seen multiple incidents of the flying ‘bots suspiciously hovering over sensitive areas in major world cities. Back in January, a tipsy government employee crashed one in the White House lawn. And in February, several unidentified drones were spotted congregating around Parisian points of interest like the Eiffel Tower and the US embassy. (We still don’t know who was controlling the ones in France.) This latest incident in Japan is sparking continued discussion over how governments should better regulate small, unmanned aircraft.

It could just be the drone was a tourist gone astray, as it was found carrying a camera and a water bottle.


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