So Long, and Thanks for All the Giz

By Matt Hill on at

I've never felt compelled to write a goodbye note from a job before. OK, so there was the final editor's letter in T3, but that was broadly about the issue's goodies, with a quick, pithy, passing-on-the-baton paragraph. It seemed to fit the bill.

Yet Giz UK/online community-convention suggests some kind of finale, a digital line in the sand from which things shift, a goodbye. Or, if you're Kat, and you've ploughed three years into building a site with your bare hands, a leaving announcement, an AMA and a themed Shooting Challenge in her honour.

Well, I'm not sure seven months in the chair warrants such a send-off, but I've also found out that people have left jobs through out-of-office emails before, and no one likes that. So anyway: Monday is my last day as Gizmodo UK Editor and I just wanted to let you all know, in case you emailed me and thought it rude I didn't respond or wondered where all the childish graphs and Photoshop efforts had gone. It's been a blast, I wish we'd had longer, but sometimes life takes you where it goes.

Thanks to all the Geek Power hardcore such as Darrell, Spatchmo, Oli et al for their warm welcome (and even warmer comment reprimands), Mr T for his PS4-winning persistence, all our hardy Testmodo-ers for telling it how it is, and everyone for being such general good-sports and making the site what it is. Most of all, though, thanks to the Giz UK team of Gerald, Jack and Tom, who have worked their hides off every day I've been here and will no doubt continue to do so.

In fact, I've left Giz UK in the capable hands of Gerald this week while I've been boxing up my desk, and nothing seems to have broken, and you've even got some Apple Watch porn out of the deal, so I'd say you're in more than safe hands.

Thank you for having me, see you in the comments.

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