So This is What Space Coffee Brewed With Recycled Pee Looks Like

By Attila Nagy on at

Good to the last drop! NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly posted this photo of a perfect ball of orbital coffee on Facebook. (And on Twitter. And on Instagram.)

This tiny bowling ball is a large drop of freshly brewed espresso sitting peacefully at the end of a drinking straw in the form of an exquisite sphere thanks to the microgravity environment, where free floating liquids can take shape of a perfect three-dimensional object, one of the most accurate human-made spheres.

I guess the world’s most expensive coffee—the Kopi Luwak, made of beans eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet—has a new rival. Coffee made onboard the International Space Station using water from the water recycling system of the space station — including recycled human urine — is definitely more unique and much more expensive.