Sony App Lets You Take Photos by Poking Your Camera in the Eye

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony's having a shot at making camera remotes obsolete, by releasing an app that lets users trigger a shot by holding a hand over the eye sensor.

The Touchless Shutter app is up on Sony's Play Memories app store now, along with a list of compatible cameras. The app uses the proximity sensor that's in some of the company's camera viewfinders and optional accessories to trigger the camera shutter, which is ideal for taking shots where camera shake might ruin the results.

There's more too it than that too, with A7S users taking their shots in the long exposure bulb mode able to start and stop recording with two waves. It's like gesture control done in an actually useful manner for once. The app's currently listed as being a beta test, one that works with some mirrorless and compact cameras like the HX60, RX100 III and NEX-6. [PetaPixel]