Stolen General Election Ballot Papers Prove We Need Online Voting

By Tom Pritchard on at

When I think about online voting, one of the things I wonder about is how a system could be put into place that stops the system being hacked or hijacked. It's a valid concern, but it does sort of happen with the paper vote. Case in point: the 72,300 London ballot papers stolen by thieves.

Apparently the ballots were on their way to the Hastings and Rye constituency in East Sussex when the van they were being transported in was stolen by thieves. According to a Hasting Council spokesman the papers are not believed to be the target of the theft, but measures are still being put into place to make sure they couldn't be used in next week's general election.

See if we had some form of digital voting system this wouldn't have happened, even if it was a coincidence. Although an online vote would certainly have its problems, it would be much easier for us all to cast our vote. Heck, you could do it literally anywhere with a phone signal.

It's also much nicer for the trees that make out paper. [London Evening Standard]

Image: Ballot box with national flag on background series - United Kingdom (cropped) via Shutterstock