Supermarkets Accused of Ripping Us Off With Exaggerated Savings and Baffling Offers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Consumer group Which? has launched a renewed attack on the UK supermarkets, saying their confusing blend of offers, misleading product discounts and ever-changing prices are designed to baffle buyers and trick us into spending more.

Which says "Many retailers are creating the illusion of savings that don't exist and are manipulating consumer spending by misleading people into choosing products they may not have chosen if they knew the full facts," and is making what it terms a "super-complaint" to the Competition and Markets Authority about the way the UK's giant chains operate.

The group has highlighted a few of the most baffling rogue deals it's spotted about the out-of-town shopping warehouses, giving this example of one classic consumer switcheroo: "Asda increased the price of a Chicago Town Four Cheese Pizza Two-Pack from £1.50 to £2 as it went onto multi-buy at two for £3. It went back to £1.50 as the ‘offer’ ended (2014)."

Ocado, Waitrose and Tesco are also made examples of for their aggressive and possibly confusing pricing ebbs and flows. Which? hopes its complaint to the Competition and Markets Authority will receive a response within 90 days -- and that it can help us get the ultimate BOGOF oven pizza deals of our dreams. [Which? via Guardian]