Swiss Post Service Gets First Ever Drone Delivery Programme

By Darren Orf on at

The Swiss go postal on drones, a new Yahoo program reportedly enters the mobile-search arena, and Sony will let you take photos without lifting a finger. BitStream is here, ready and waiting.

Switzerland's mail service, Swiss Post, is going to test the first-ever delivery-by-drone programme this summer; it’s a collaboration with Matternet, a company working to develop such services.

Its first drone can ferry up to a kilo's worth of goods, which can be transported over the span of 12 miles on one charge. [TechCrunch]

Apps and Devices

Acer just announced a boatload of new gadgets for back-to-school 2015: forty, to be exact. [Gizmodo]

Samsung has announced that its new Gear VR headset for Galaxy S6 is up for pre-order starting today (April 24). [Engadget]

Sony’s got a hands-free shutter app for its cameras that lets you take pictures with a simple wave of a hand. [Sony]

YouTube stars Ryan Higa and The Young Turks launched apps to keep their superfans up-to-speed on mobile platform Victorious. [Deadline]


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer reportedly wants the company to roll out a Siri-esque mobile search product called Index. [Business Insider]

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