Teletubbies Rebooted as Big Budget Celebrity Extravaganza

By Gary Cutlack on at

The BBC's timeless children's show about four friends who live in the countryside with their obedient multi-nozzled sex robot is about to return, with the BBC agreeing to screen a celebrity packed reboot of Teletubbies.

Things will not be the same, though. The show will star the voice of Jane Horrocks, who will be playing the part of the Tubby Phone -- a gadget that presumably replaces the tellies on the tummies of the original felt social misfits. The location and tubbydome may be different, too, with the producers of the reboot apparently aiming for a "refreshed and contemporary look" for the tubbies' grassy knoll home.

It will still feature Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, fortunately, with the BBC resisting the temptation to introduce any edgy new characters. Jim Broadbent and mildly aggravating radio talent Fearne Cotton are also said to be voicing parts, with the show itself set to be narrated by comedian and TV actor Daniel Rigby.

Jim Broadbent was quoted by the BBC as saying: "Teletubbies is truly a British institution and it's very exciting to be involved in bringing this global hit back to our TV screens."

New generation Teletubbies should be ready to air to a new generation of confused children, housebound elderly folk and hungover students on Cbeebies later this year. [Guardian]