Testmodo: We Need Four Readers to Review the LG G Flex2

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It's that time again. We're handing over the responsibility of reviewing a top notch phone to four Gizmodo UK readers for a brand new Testmodo challenge. Do you fancy giving our fingers a rest and taking the curvy G Flex2 from LG for a spin?

What is Testmodo?

Like our earlier Testmodo challenges, four readers will be given a brand new phone (this time the LG G Flex2) to review for Giz. Each participant will be required to write three short reviews over the period of three weeks, focusing on the handset's curved design, its camera and what it is like to watch movies on the curved screen, ahead of a fourth and final post summarising their overall thoughts on the device, sharing what's impressed them most.

Everyone is welcome to enter. We don't care if you've never reviewed a phone before, or your grammar is a bit rusty. Giz's editors will be there to guide you through the process and help tidy up your rantings and ravings. If you've ever fancied yourself as a gadget blogger, here's a chance to give it a go on a site read by millions. It's a great opportunity.

How do I enter?

Either leave us a message in the Disqus comments section below, or drop us a line at testmodogiz@gmail.com. If emailing us, make sure you put "LG G Flex2 Testmodo" in the subject line. Either way, make sure to add a sentence or two letting us know why you think you're the perfect fit for the challenge, and if you want to go the extra mile, please include your Twitter handle, and a link to your blog / YouTube account if you have one. Why do we request this of you? So readers can follow your behind-the-scenes thoughts on the G Flex2 as you road test it, using our #testmodoGFlex2 hashtag.

Leave a comment / send your email before the final hour of Thursday 23rd of April 2015, or forever regret missing out on the chance of getting hold of some cool tech.

What's in it for me?

Well, for starters YOU GET TO KEEP THE PHONE. I mean, what's not to like about that?The LG G Flex2 has already impressed us, so we're sure you'll have a laugh with it too.

And, as mentioned before, perhaps you have dreams about becoming a gadget reviewer. Or maybe you're just a bit of a wind up and can't wait to show off to your friends with one of the latest smartphones. Or maybe you just want to lord it over your Giz peers by bagging a byline on the site. Well, here's your chance. Whatever's driving you to enter, do so now -- you only have until the end of next Thursday to do it.

How are the four readers chosen?

A shortlist of 10 entrants will be chosen at random, with the final four participants being chosen by a panel of judges from LG, Gizmodo UK, and an independent party.

The four participants will be required to comply with Future's standard competition T&Cs, which can be viewed here. In addition to these, readers should note that their personal data will only be seen by the judging panel.

Readers must live in the UK to enter.

Updated: Thank you everyone who emailed or left a message. Entry to this Testmodo has now closed. The successful applicants will be contacted in due course.