The Apple Watch Appears to be Good and Bad for the iPhone's Battery Life

By Tom Pritchard on at

People have been concerned about the Apple Watch's battery life ever since it was announced. The reports just couldn't decide how long it was going to last. But now it's in the hands of the consumer, people are actually more concerned the iPhone's battery life.

As many of you already know, the Apple Watch needs to be linked up to an iPhone to be able to access the overwhelming majority of its features. If it's not then it just becomes an expensive rectangular watch. But what impact does it have on the battery life of the phone?

On one hand connecting an Apple Watch means you don't have to keep interacting with your phone, meaning the display can't sap away at the battery throughout the day. The flipside is that you need to have Bluetooth (and possibly Wi-Fi) enabled to be able to send everything over to your watch during the day. Users have apparently experienced both.

Both Ryan Block, former editor of Engadget, and John Byrne both believe that the culprit is, in fact, the Apple Watch companion app, and that force quitting will save you power over the day.

Users in the MacRumours forums can't seem to come to a consensus though. Some users are blaming the problem on a software bug for the drain, while others claim that battery drain is due to particular usage patterns.

We're bound to find out more in the coming weeks as more people get their hands on Apple Watches of their own. [MacRumours]