The Apple Watch Just Got Its Killer App: A Tamagotchi

By Gerald Lynch on at

Well that's settled it then: I am definitely buying an Apple Watch. (Maybe). Let a wave of nostalgia take you back two decades with the news that Namco Bandai has put together a Tamagotchi Classic app for Apple's timepiece.

It's something of a work-in-progress, however. Pairing up with the iPhone app, the digital pet will send notifications from your phone to your wrist when your needy pixel pal has a request of you. While you can take care of needs such as poop scooping and feeding, as well as checking its happiness, hungriness and discipline levels, you'll need to pull your phone out if you want to play with the little guy.

But considering a Tamagotchi's natural habitat is a little plastic keyring egg, Apple's diminutive wrist-based screen seems the perfect place for a Tamagotchi to live in 2015. [iTunes via TechRadar]