The Best Thing About the Apple Watch Might be its UK Charger Plug

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite the fact that the good ol' British plug has one of the cleverest designs of any other plug, the shape can be a bit of a problem (just ask any bare foot). If you're going to be carrying around a charger all day, finding space for that awkward design is tricky.

Plenty of companies have developed transforming plugs to compensate, but Apple's is something else entirely. Pay attention everyone, because I don't say this very often: I definitely think Apple is onto a winner here.

Credit: Alex Pardoe/Vine

It's not the fact that it transforms that I like about it (that's been done before), it's because Apple appear to be the first phone maker to actually have the three prongs fold away into the plug leaving you a little box to store in your pocket. It definitely trumps Nokia's charger, which has been my personal favourite up to now.

It's just a shame it'll cost a fortune to get hold of one. [MacRumors]