The First Hint of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Has Appeared Online

By Tom Pritchard on at

Now that the the Galaxy S6 launch is out of the way, you can expect the first rumours for the Galaxy Note 5 to start popping up. Kicking things off is the discovery of two new Samsung handsets in an online IMEI database.

According to SamMobile the SM-G928S appears to be another Galaxy S6 variant, and the SM-N920F is likely to be the Galaxy Note 5. For comparison the Galaxy S6 has the model number SM-G920, and the Note 4 has SM-N910.

The site also claims that the Note 5 is known internally as 'Project Noble', and the S6 variant is being called 'Project Zen'.

It's still very early days for any concrete information, but you can expect more to information to start appearing online in the coming months. [SamMobile via TechRadar]