The Interview Literally, Physically Launched in North Korea

By Gary Cutlack on at

A South Korean activist/artist has gone ahead with his crazy plan to try to re-educate the people of the North, by floating thousands of copies of anti-establishment satirical film The Interview across the border and into the communist state by balloon.

Lee Min-bok claims to have made four successful launch attempts since January, with the most recent nighttime propaganda mission taking place last weekend. As well as copies of the DVDs Lee has sent over US dollars attached to some balloons and "millions" of leaflets attacking the North Korean regime, although, with owning a DVD player in the North quite a controversial act of personal rebellion and watching this particular movie punishable by prison, beating, shooting, remote control confiscation and maybe more, it's hard to imagine that many locals are likely to get a chance to watch the comedy and have their opinions swayed in any way.

And this ballooning of DVDs is no endorsement of the film itself, either. Lee told CNN he found the Seth Rogen comedy to be quite vulgar, but seeing as it attacks NK's leader Kim Jong-un and show him "as a man, not a God," it's being used to ram his point home regardless. [BBC]