The Next iPhone Will (Probably, Maybe) Have Force Touch Controls

By Gerald Lynch on at

From the Apple Watch to the MacBook and to its smartphones, it seems Force Touch will be everywhere you find that fruity logo. The pressure-sensitive technology that allows Apple to assign different functions to trackpad and touchscreen presses depending on how firmly you push down, it now appears that the company plans to expand the technology to its iPhone range too.

According to sources speaking to UDN, the Force Touch tech will make its smartphone debut with Apple's iPhone 6S range and, specifically, with the iPhone 6S Plus. A way of adding further differentiation between the phablet sized model and the smaller Apple phone, Force Touch could add context sensitive "hard-press" controls to productivity apps, making use of the extra screen real estate the 5.5-inch phone allows for.

Of course, Apple's yet to announce any "S" series iPhone 6 spin-off yet, but by now we all should know that that's exactly what its smartphone product cycle is due. Just like Touch ID, Force Touch would be a small-yet-significant feature that would just about differentiate it from the current models, as well as aligning it with a wider Apple product feature that the company is keen to push. With all other the iPhone cycle currently hovering annually around September, look for more concrete news on the 6S during the summer months. [UDN via TechRadar]