The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Happy discount chocolate day everyone! Even if you don't do the whole Easter thing, everyone can get behind swarming the supermarket when it opens to get some discounted hollow chocolate eggs. Only the hollow ones though, because let's not forget the fact that Cadbury ruined Creme Eggs with the new foul Americanised chocolate shell.

But when you're done scoffing down a week's worth of calories in chocolate, you should see the apps we've got lined up for you this week. nothing Easter themed, though, because Easter is over and that would be silly.

iPhone Apps

Juice: One for anyone with a lot of Twitter followers, or who take's their social media life very seriously. If you're one who likes to share news and links over Twitter, but has far too much time to go and find them, Juice will do all the hard work for you. It'll analyse your Twitter followers, and will find you stories that match their interests and will be more likely to engage them in conversation. [Free]

Spylight: TV characters have some pretty impressive wardrobes, and you may want to find out where you can get some of their outfits for your own collection of clothes. Spylight will let you select the TV shows that you're watching, and you'll be able to see a selection of the clothes used in the show available for purchase. Spylight actually works on set with TV studios, so you can be sure that it'll be in their database as soon as the episode airs. [Free]

Riff: Another one of Facebook's many attempts to try and dominate the world of mobile apps, Riff is a brand new app designed around sharing videos with your friends. What sets it apart from things like Snapchat is that there's a collaborative aspect to it. The friends who can see your videos can add to them and share with their friends, who can add more and so on. [Free]

Office Lens: Another in the great many scanning apps, Office Lens is Microsoft's offering. Rather than just focussing on scanning paper and documents, Office Lens has more of a business focus by letting you scan whiteboards and converting them into editable Office and PDF files. [Free]

Infinit: Unless you're using physical connections, transferring large files between devices can be tricky. If you want to be transferring files between your phone and your computer then you should use Infinit. There's no limit on file sizes, or how many files you can send, and it promises to be 30x faster than using the cloud (it's also cheaper than paying for the intermediary storage). [Free]

iPad Apps

Adobe Slate: So you have to write something to send to someone else. It might be a report, a newsletter, or any number of things. Rather than making it boring and text based, you can use Slate to give it a unique look and feel using colours, fonts, and magazine-style interfaces that are added instantly. [Free]

All 4: 4oD is no more. Instead Channel 4's on-demand service has been rebranded into All 4. That means there's a brand new design, live streaming, plus all the old 4oD favourite like box sets and on-demand streaming. [Free]

Todoist: Like all to-do apps, Todoist is centred around productivity and making sure you can get through your workload. The 10th major update to the app aims to make you more productive than ever, ensuring that the app is more efficient and saves you time, offering customisable ways to organise your lists, and reminders that make sure you never miss any deadline ever again.

Ditty for Messenger: This seems to be first third party app designed around Facebook Messenger, and it's all about sending custom music videos to your friends. you simply select some text, choose music (you have to pay for the tracks), and send it to have your message sung to the recipient. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Pixelmator: A popular iOS alternative to Photoshop, Pixelmator is an image editor designed to give you everything you need to create and manipulate your images on the go. It's been updated, and with it comes realistic-looking water colours, more precise colour picking, faster painting performance, Photoshop file compatibility, iCloud layer integration, and more. [£7.99]

Android Apps

Beatport: If you're fond of electronic music then you definitely need to take a look at this app. Beatport is a free streaming service with zero listening limits. Like other services it lets you discover and listen to a catalogue of music, connect with your friends, and even discover festivals and music gigs going on around the world. [Free]

Breaking Bad: Call Saul: Every Breaking Bad fan knows of Saul Goodman's legal services for less-than ethical people. Now if you need some 'legal advice', you can use this app to 'call' Saul yourself and create original conversations with the man. YOu can even 'wiretap' the conversation and post it to social networks. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Smart Notifications: Spam is all over the place, and now it's starting to sneak into your device's notification bar. Deactiviating notifications on an app-by-app basis can be tricky, and might even deactivate the useful notifications that you want to see. Smart Notifications is a system that prevents notification spam, powered by the community. It should stop spam getting through, but if it doesn't just report it to make sure nobody suffers it again. [Free]

Nuzzel: One of the things that social networks are good for is getting news, usually posted by your friends. But what if you don't want to keep logging in and seeing what they're posting? That's where Nuzzel comes in. Just connect the app to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you'll see a feed of stories shared by your friends without any fuss or getting overwhelmed by the rest of the usual trash people post. [Free]

Waze: We've all heard of Waze, the social GPS app that aims to help you avoid traffic and congested roads. But you can't always avoid traffic, and now Waze will monitor your status and estimate how long it will take you to get through it. The whole app has also been improved to make the whole experience fast, and smoother for you. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

MS-DOS Mobile: Yes, I am completely aware that this was an April Fool's joke, but the app itself is very real. It's exclusive to Lumia devices, and it'll let you emulate the classic interface of MS-DOS operating systems. There's no practical use, but if you're nostalgic for a time before Vista, Windows 8, and Windows 95 then this is the way to go. [Free -- Lumia exclusive]

Shazam: The music recognition app has had yet another update, integrating it's featured into Xbox Music, song recommendations based on music you've tagged, and the ability to add songs from the charts into your own 'My Shazam' page. [Free]

Briefcase: File managers are a dime a dozen these days, but most of them are all so very basic. If you want something with a bit of extra functionality then Briefcase is a good option. Not only can you manage the files on your phone, you can compress folders, lock them, access OneDrive and upload/download files en masse, and more. [Free]

Skype Qik: Qik is an app that's designed to let you film short video clips and send them to friends in a form of group chat. Obviously it's had an update, and that brings in a bunch of new effects to try and make your videos more fun. Those effects include mirroring, x-ray effect, and 'Minecraft' which pixelates your face. It doesn't look like Minecraft in any way, but you can pretend you're some sort of anonymous tipster if you feel like it. [Free]