The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

The first four episodes of the latest series of Game of Thrones leaked before broadcast, and that has left would-be pirates with a dilemma. Do they watch them all in one go and have to wait five weeks for a new episode, or do they control themselves and wait? I doubt either is a particularly pleasant prospect for them.

But that is another conversation for another time. Here's what you all really give a damn about, all those glorious apps.

iPhone Apps

Dingo: If you're trying to buy tickets for a sold out show, you're bound to end up finding a few touts trying to earn a profit. Dingo is a service that doesn't let that happen: the app lets people buy and sell tickets to shows at, or below, face value. It's quick to use, and there are no sneaky fees or commissions added on. It's restricted to shows in London for now, but if you're in or around the capital then it's definitely worth a shot. [Free]

Highball: Pretty much everyone likes to spice up their drinking time by mixing up a cocktail, but what should you make? You could go online to find them, or you could think ahead of time and use Highball to keep hold of all the drinks you like. Choose the ingredients, set the description, and throw in an image. Plus, if you're not content with keeping them to yourself, you can share them on social media. [Free]

Popcorn Time: The so-called 'Netflix for Torrents' is now available on iOS devices without jailbreak, letting you watch a torrent file as if it was a regular video. It's not on iTunes though, so if you want to use it you'll have to download and run the special installer on a Windows PC. Sadly, Mac users are going to have to wait a little while. Just select a film from the list, and let it play. [Free]

*Be aware. Popcorn Time does not appear to be working on iOS 8.3*

Snapseed: Snapseed has always prided itself on being a powerful image editor for mobile devices, and the latest batch of features aim to improve that experience. Those features include five new filters, brush tools for applying effects to sections of your image, stacks for re-editing images, spot repair, and more. [Free]

Tandem -- Language Exchange: An app for practising a new language whenever you feel like it by conversing with over three million people from all over the world. You can do that with video, audio, or text chat – whatever suits you. It's just had a bit of a streamline too, letting you minimise video chat to send text messages, as well as opening links without having to leave the app. [Free -- with in-app purchase]

iPad Apps

NYT Cooking: If you've decided that all the other cookery apps available aren't for you, then you might want to give this offering from the New York Times a go. The app lets you browse the paper's archive of 17,000 plus recipes, with more added on a weekly basis. All instructions are easy to follow, and the various search options will help you find the right meal for you when you need it. [Free]

Pencilicious Doodle Messenger: Plenty of messaging apps let you send stickers to your friends, but why don't they let you make some of your own? Surely drawing your own emoticons is better? Pencilicious lets you do that with a doodling keyboard that you can use with all your favourite apps. Forget text and generic stuff, now you can personalise your messages in the best possible way. [£0.79]

AirPano Travel Book: Designed to help you prepare for your travelling experiences, AirPano is a collection of 360-degree aerial panoramas from some of the world's most stunning locations. It's just been updated too, included panoramas from seven of the world's most visually appealing capital cities. [£2.29]

Opinion Podcasts: Before now Opinion was only really good for creating and editing your podcast. That's hardly a bad thing, but the last thing you want to do is have to export it to a different service for people to start listening in. Enter Opinion 2, an update that means you'll be able to upload your podcasts via Opinion onto your own dedicated webpage. From there it's as simple as sharing it with your friends. [Free]

Android Apps

Pixel OFF: The great thing about AMOLED displays is that pixels can be turned off to simulate the colour black, saving power in the long run. Pixel OFF lets you activate that manually, turning off some unnoticed pixels to save you battery life over extended periods of time. It's only minor, but as we all know mobile batteries are not what we'd like them to be. [Free]

Shortcuts for Waze: Waze has a lot of great features for making traffic navigation a lot less painful, but it doesn't let you add in your own shortcuts. That shouldn't be happening really, which is why this app exists. Shortcuts for Waze does exactly what the name suggests, it lets you enter your own shortcuts into the Waze app, thus letting you take advantage of them when you're on the road. [Free]

PRO Landscapes Home: Got a dream garden rattling around in your brain that you'd like to make a reality? You don't need to rely on a landscaper to get it planned out, all you need is this app. PRO Landscapes home lets you design the garden of your dreams just by snapping a picture of your house. From there just experiment with the objects in the app and get designing. [Free]

Kore, Official Remote for Kodi: If you have a Kodi or an XBMC media centre, then you're going to want a remote. What better remote is there than your smartphone? Kore is the official remote that has an easy to use interface with everything you'll need to control your media playback. [Free]

GameSlinger: There's a lot of stuff available in Google Play, and it can be overwhelming trying to find something good. So rather than hunting for yourself, let GameSlinger do all the hard work. You tell it your preferences, and it'll recommend free games to you. Swiping will tell the app whether it's of interest, and it'll learn what you like over time. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Tripwolf: Travelling is one of those things that you tend to want to get organised for, and it also happens to be one of the things smartphone apps have been great to make easier. Tripwolf is much like any other, coming with guides to restaurants, things to do, and so on. But unlike some apps, all of Tripwolf's information, including in-depth maps, is available offline. So no more foreign data charges just so you can get around safely. [Free]

Another Note: A note-taking app that primarily focuses on dictation. It can understand 35 different languages, and will transcribe your words into on-screen notes for later reference. Along with your regular organisation feature that come with most note-taking apps, you can also password protect your notes to keep them safe from prying eyes. [Free]

MeTweets: Twitter clients are usually free, but some of the paid ones come with a bunch of extra features. MeTweets is one of them for Windows Phone, coming with features like built-in Instagram photo viewing, mute filters, in-app YouTube players, and so on. There hasn't been an update for a while, but for a limited time it's free to download. Get it on your phone before you miss out. [Free]

Fhotoroom: Most photo-editing apps are all about the fiddling with your photos after you've taken them. Fhotoroom does have editing options, but the main advantage is the social community. It's been updated, and that comes with new border colours and filter controls to play around with. [Free]