The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's a funny thing about tidying stuff up, because once you've got everything all nice and neat it's magically messy again. Or is it just me? It could just be because I'm quite happy throwing stuff onto the floor/desk without due care. Then the whole cycle starts over again. Shouldn't there be an app for this?

Speaking of which, there are apps that do a great many things. Here are this week's latest batch.

iPhone Apps makes organising your life and work as simple as possible, while syncing that information across your devices. Now 3.0 is here, with a brand new design, options to share lists with others, custom themes, and the option to set the default starting list. [Free -- with subscription]

Peership: Paying delivery charges can be expensive, but if want to pay a little bit less it's worth giving Peership a go. Think of it as an Uber-like service for delivery: you use the app to say what you want (maybe you want a Big Mac, or a bag of grapes), along with how much you're willing to pay for it. People nearby will be informed of your requests, and can accept it to get you what you need. [Free]

Linkagoal: The idea behind Linkagoal is the belief that a lack of guidance, resources, and accountability are key factors in people not achieving their goals. The app is designed to tackle this in the form of a social network, allowing people to create and posts their own goals along with offering contributions to help other users people achieve goals of their own. [Free]

Pacifica: This app helps people who tend to struggle with stress an anxiety, or more specifically the fear that can bring about those feelings. Pacifica is designed to use its built-in tools to break the cycle of fear at your own pace. You can track your mood, use relaxation audio tools, analyse your thoughts, and take part in daily experiments that help you face your anxiety and work towards eliminating it. [Free -- with subscription]

NightCap Pro: If you're big on night time photography, but you'd rather use your phone rather than an expensive camera, then this is one for you. NightCap uses an 'artificial intelligence' that messes with the settings to ensure your photo comes out as clear and bright as possible. All you need to to is keep a steady hand and press the shutter button. 1.49]

iPad Apps

Tumblr: There's been an update to the iOS version of everyone's favourite blogging platform ( by 'everyone' we mean mainly teenage girls). This version has a bunch of new features, including the option to create blogs and videos from within the app, a new clean look, and improvements to GIF loading. [Free]

Backtracker: If you're going backpacking, then you'll probably need to figure out where you're heading before (or during) your trip. Backtracker lets you do that, with the option of keeping your trip private or sharing it with your friends. You can also make your own posts/blog entries about the places you've visited and track any friends who are also using the app. [Free]

Sneakers: The Complete App: There are encyclopaedias for all sorts of different topics these days, but did you know trainers are one of them? If you're a fan of the different types of trainers (or sneakers, if you prefer), then this is the app for you. There are over 500 different trainer designs, 360-degree models, and even a timeline view of trainers throughout the years. [£4.99]

Groove Freedom: Plenty of apps out there help you learn instruments like guitar or piano, but what about the drums? That's where Groove Freedom comes in. The app is designed to let people develop independence on the drums, by practising various patterns. There are exercises for different drum types that will continue to challenge you as you improve in ability. [Free -- with subscription]

Halo: Spartan Bundle: Halo isn't a series restricted to Xboxes anymore, and with the release of the point-and-shoot Spartan Strike it's now made it to iOS devices. This bundle gives you the two mobile games available (Spartan Assault and the aforementioned Spartan Strike) for a slight discount, allowing you to enter the shoes of one Halo's Spartan super soldiers and defend humanity from all sorts of alien nasties. [£7.99]

Android Apps

Gramophone Music Player [Beta]: If you're looking for a nice simplistic music player for your device, then Gramophone might be right for you. It employs the no-nonsense approach to music playback by offering a simplistic familiar interface that everyone should be able to use right off the bat. The features may seem a bit sparse right now, but the people behind the app promise that more are on the way. For now, you can be content with integration, music tagging (for organisation), and all the basics. [Free]

Office Remote for Android: This one is fairly self-explanatory, it's an app designed with the sole purpose of controlling the Word, Powerpoint, and Excel from your phone. You could do something like control your presentation or read notes from the screen, navigate worksheets and graphs, or jump to specific sections of your documents. [Free]

Google Handwriting Input: Sometimes typing on a keyboard isn't enough for you, sometimes you actually like to write things down as you would on paper. That's what Google Handwriting Input is for. As the name suggests, it's a keyboard extension that lets you input using handwriting in one of 82 languages. [Free]

Trepn Profiler: It's important to make sure your phone is running at peak efficiency, and that means you want to make sure there aren't any apps unnecessarily hogging more than they should. Trepn lets you see which apps are using up too much battery power, CPU, and data. Once you've found what's causing troubles, you can close the app and keep your phone running smoothly. [Free]

Depop: Selling stuff online can be a bit of a hassle, and Depop wants to make it as simple as taking a photo. And that's all you have to do, snap a photo and put it up for sale. You can share with social networks, chat with potential buyers, and get paid directly via PayPal. It's also great for buyers too, and you can browse to your heart's content on your phone. [Free]

Windows Phone

Microsoft Health: In case you didn't know, the Microsoft Band fitness tracker is now available in the UK. If you're one of the people planning to get one, you'll need to download the app if you want to get very far. It will let you look at your activity so far, takes notes and set reminders with Cortana, and add personalisation options to your own Band. [Free]

Cloud Mesh Pro: There are a lot of cloud storage platforms out there, and I'd wager a decent number of people use more than one to try and get as much storage without paying for it. That can get complicated, which is why Cloud Mesh Pro exists. The app lets you organise all your cloud storage accounts in one place, as well as copying files between them at the tap of a button. [£1.49]

Loco Music Player: If you don't want to deal with all the unnecessary filler included with Xbox Music, you might want to give this one a try. Loco is a playlist-orientated player with two views: the playlist and the now playing screen. So it's nice and simple and doesn't require much faffing around. It functions in the same way as other music players, but you can also download track directly from OneDrive, and pull them in from your SD card. [£1.49]

6discover: Snapchat may be trying its hardest to make sure its service isn't available on Windows Phone, but that's not stopping the devs from making bits and pieces available. 6discover (from the creator of the other third-party '6' apps) is a way for Windows Phone users to access Snapchat's 'Discover' function, and get your hands on the editorial content available. [Free]