These Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Just Convinced Me to Buy a 3D Printer

By Darren Orf on at

3D printers? Who needs ‘em!? I don’t want a bunch of crappy plastic trinkets filling up my apartme — OH MY GOD there’s an artist designing printable D&D monsters. So, how much are 3D printers going for nowadays?

Spotted by John Biggs over at TechCrunch, designer and my new personal hero Miguel Zavala is making 3D-printable creations based on the D&D Monster Manual. Need a green dragon? How about a squadron of Drow? Or a flock of horrible Mindflayers? They’re just a free download away.

Within the last few years, a cadre of 3D printers in various sizes and prices and qualities have assaulted us would-be buyers, but whether or not you actually need a 3D printer is still very much a soul-searching journey. Personally, I think my journey just ended. [Thingiverse via TechCrunch]

These Dungeons & Dragons Monsters Just Convinced Me To Buy a 3D Printer

Images via Miguel Zavala