This Four-Foot Tall Animated Iron Man Hulkbuster Figure is a Masterpiece

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Wow. That's pretty much the only word one could ever possibly use to describe Comicave Studios' new quarter-scale Iron Man Hulkbuster figure. Not only does the highly-detailed four-foot tall suit light up, it also features extensive articulation and animatronic armour that automatically opens to reveal the Iron Man Mark 43 armour protected inside.

This Four-Foot Tall Animated Iron Man Hulkbuster Figure Is a Masterpiece

When finally available (this version is actually still just a prototype) it's safe to assume this Hulkbuster figure will probably come with a price tag catered to the likes of Tony Stark, instead of the average Avengers collector. But if there was ever a reason to convince a bank to lend you money to buy a toy, this is absolutely it. [Comicave Studios via Toyark]

This article originally appeared on Toyland, Gizmodo's toys and collectibles blog