This Space Invaders Typing Challenge is Driving Me Insane

By Chris Mills on at

I had a to-do list a mile long that I was meant to tackle this afternoon. Instead, I spent the entire thing being driven increasingly crazy by this Space Invaders typing game. Bloody internet.

I stumbled across Z-Type on Twitter earlier today. It’s a game built by Dominic Szablewski, a developer and game-maker with a site full of mobile/browser-based games. X-Type is the most time-sucking. It’s pretty simple — Space Invaders, more or less, but with typing rather than shooting.

Somehow — maybe it’s my endless competitive streak over typing speed, or the horribly catchy music — I’ve spent my entire afternoon trying to break a high score on this stupid game. Normal mode is good if you’re a slow typer, or Expert is a genuine challenge. Either, way definitely don’t go try it for yourself, and whatever you do, don’t challenge me with your scores below. [X-Type]