Three is Launching a Voice Over LTE Service This Autumn

By Tom Pritchard on at

Three is dead set on improving the reliability of its network right now, and today it's announced that part of this endeavour is to introduce Voice over LTE (VoLTE) support to its customers this September.

This is going to be done by adding an additional 800 MHz of spectrum onto its existing 1,800 MHz, and the new bandwidth is expected to improve coverage in problem areas like the inside of buildings. Three apparently expects that 1 million of its 8.5 million customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of VoLTE, and take calls where standard 2G and 3G signals can't reach. The only catch is that you'll need a VoLTE compatible handset, like an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6.

Of course Three isn't the only network to be doing this, and both EE and Vodafone have pledged to launch VoLTE services sometime this summer. O2 hasn't said anything, though I suspect that may have something to do with that whole being sold to Three situation.

Three also touched on the topic of Wi-Fi calling, which is currently available in its inTouch app. The plan is that at somepoint in the near future Three will scrap the app entirely, and have Wi-Fi calling seamlessly integrated into customers' phones -- like EE has already done. That means calls will be able to jump between Wi-Fi and VoLTE without the user actually noticing a thing. [Engadget]