Vote V-Nova for Three 4K Streams Per Household

By Gary Cutlack on at

Video technology company V-Nova is pushing hard for its technology to be adopted across the HD screen-based platforms of the future, promising that a UK average 22Mb broadband connection could handle three simultaneous UHD 4K streams if its compression and encoding tech is used.

V-Nova claims it's well on the way to becoming a future standard, thanks to having the support of Sky Italia, Intel and the European Broadcasting Union. The company's Perseus technology claims to make better use of today's multi-core processors to decode footage, with the technicians claiming that a 4K Netflix stream could be delivered over a 7-8Mbps connection -- much less than the 12-16Mbps it currently consumes.

V-Nova breaks its technique down simply for the common man, explaining that its Perseus algorithm uses more data to encode detailed images and less data when there's less stuff happening on screen. How it decides that will be crucial and presumably depends on how many of the films you want to watch are nothing more than wall to wall explosions.

At least Vin Diesel's smooth, hairless face and body ought to be quite easy on the encoder, so you'll be able to enjoy this year's Fast & Furious in high clarity even on a poor connection. [BBC]