Want to See a Naked Washing Machine?  

By Sean Buckley on at

re your desires …unconventional? Enough so that you have a deep yearning for a periodical of tastefully photographed technology, stripped down to its barest elements. This magazine is so you

I have no idea if PlayGeek magazine is a real or some sort of crowdfunding gag, but I love what it promises: artful photographs of disassembled gadgets in picturesque locations. “Imagine an open MRI scanner on a tropical beach, or a vintage calculator—sprawled out on a rug by the open fire—flashing you an extra bit.” Tantalising.

The magazine’s editors say you can read it for the articles, too: every centerfold will be accompanied by detailed description of all its parts and exactly how they function. The first issue is slated for October, assuming the project hits its €30,000 (£21,600) goal and successfully ships a product, of course. [ Kickstarter]

Want To See a Naked Washing Machine?