What Happens When Criminals Take the Concept of Cashpoint Hacking Literally

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Cash-machine skimmers are becoming ever-more advanced, but for some criminals old habits die hard. This is what happens when crooks take the idea of autobank hacking a little too literally.

These images made their way to Krebs on Security from a genuine ATM technician in the US. They depict the scene after three criminals attempted to work their way into a cash machine using brute force. While they managed to make a real mess of the outer casing – and the monitor, cash acceptor, cheque scanner and card reader – they barely managed to scratch the cash-containing safe that lies within (see below).

Which perhaps goes to show that if you’re going to use unsophisticated techniques to break into a cashpoint, you may as well use explosives instead of crowbars. [Krebs on Security]

What Happens When Criminals Take the Concept of ATM Hacking Literally