What if Game of Thrones and Interstellar Were Out on VHS?

By Gerald Lynch on at

Kids these days: the convenience of Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant video and any number of streaming sites means that they'll never experience the (slightly damp, poorly lit) wonder of wandering around a VHS rental shop, hunting down a video nasty purely based on its gore-tastic cover, giving an "Eagle Eyes Action Man" glance to the saucy vids on the top shelf.

Before we get too teary eyed about the demise of Blockbuster, lets be honest and admit that Netflix et al are about 1,000 times better than VHS was. No rewind waits, no messing with tracking, no fiddling with scart leads.

But there has been a great loss as we transition from physical to digital media, and that's with the artwork. Chunky VHS boxes in particular were incredible -- I remember the cover art to Bram Stoker's Dracula and Highlander on VHS just as fondly as the films themselves (well, at least with Highlander. ...Dracula's box looked good, but the film was a bit naff).

Sharing similar feelings is Paris-based artist Stan of StanVHS  not StanVHS, as the tumblr source of the images suggests, but Julien Knez, who was posing as a Parisian artist for April Fools' day. He's put together a wonderful series of modern TV shows and movies, reimagined as if they were on video tapes. VHS Guardians of the Galaxy and VHS The Walking Dead are particular highlights. I didn't even really like the film, but I'd pick up a VHS Interstellar for that artwork alone. Hit the source link for a look at Knez's other work, and check out the best of the bunch below. [StanVHS via Konbini]