It's St George's Day, So What's Your Favourite English Invention?

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's St George's Day today, when the English gather in pubs across the country to celebrate the anniversary of Saint George of Birmingham killing the last living dragon in the land and making it safe for his children and his children's children to play out in the woods. So *awkward transition* what's your favourite English technological invention?

Sir Clive Sinclair is English, so you could pick that electric chair thing he did in the 1980s if you want to be contrary. It looks like his C5 was literally way ahead of its time, what with the future seemingly to be all about smaller, more economical, personal forms of transport than today's massive metal lumps. And that little computer he did was quite a winner, too.

Perhaps, if you're a vehicles and fast-things enthusiast, you might go for R. J. Mitchell? He was born in Staffordshire and is famous for heading up aeroplane design teams that would culminate in the creation of the Supermarine Spitfire, a modern take on the dragon that burned its foes with such success in the 1940s.

Cornish inventor Humphry Davy made it safe to go down mines, and without his lamp plenty of Cornish folk would've had their family lines brought to an abrupt end in the early 1800s, plus there are your modern innovators like Trevor Baylis and his clockwork radio, or Tim Berners-Lee's clever old internet, without which we'd all be leafing through magazines right now.

Image credit: Wikipedia