Where and When You Can Buy the LG G4

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's been a bit of a wait, but the LG G4 is finally here for the world to enjoy. Now the launch is all over and done with, and you have your eyes set on the slightly-curved handset, you need to start thinking with your wallet and shop around for the best deals. From what we've seen so far, it's a mighty impressive phone that concentrates on performance and practicality rather than daft gimmicks that get old after a week.

The G4 is set for release on 28th May, and will be available in a variety of online and high street shops. But where should you be getting it? Should you be eagerly waiting by the front door for the postman, or are you better off heading out to the brick and mortar establishments? We've got the best deals for the LG G4 that have been announced so far, and we'll be updating the list as more become available. If you're in the market for a G4, you're sure to find something to your liking.


Unlocked-Mobiles.com has already opened up pre-orders for a SIM-free G4, with stock due to arrive on 25th May. Buying the handset in metallic grey or gold will cost you £499.87, whilst opting for a black leather cover will cost you £30 more at £529.37.

With the site expecting stock on the 25th of May, and offering next day delivery, you could potentially have the handset as early as the 26th.


Expansys also have the G4 up for pre-order, and you can get it in gold, metallic grey, and with the brown leather back. Gold and grey will currently set you back £599.99, whilst the leather backed G4 costs £30 more at £629.99.

There's no word on when the site is expecting stock, but presumably it'll be in advance of the 28th May release date.


O2 has confirmed that it will be stocking the G4, and will be the only network offering the 'Genuine Leather Brown' version of the phone in addition to the standard metallic grey.

No pricing details have been announced, but you can sign up for updates on the O2 website to make sure you're front of the queue once the handset becomes available.

*While O2 will be the only UK network offering the brown leather G4, online and high-street retailers will also have it for sale.

TalkTalk Mobile

The G4 will be available on TalkTalk Mobile, but the network has yet to confirm any details on pricing or availability.

TalkTalk recently announced a £12 unlimited SIM deal, meaning there might be some surprisingly affordable offers available. I wouldn't be surprised if it also had a few tempting deals reserved for existing customers as well. Here's where to check out TalkTalk's current line-up.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse has also confirmed that it will be selling the G4, but has yet to announce any details on pricing or availability beyond the 28th May release date.

You can sign up for updates on the Carphone Warehouse website, and they'll contact you when it's available to order.


Three has announced that it will be stocking the G4, and a 'ceramic white' version of the handset will be exclusive to the network until the end of June. There are no pricing details yet, but Three has confirmed that the G4 will also be offered alongside its usual perks. That includes 4G at no extra cost, free calls to 0800 numbers, and Feel at Home, which gives you the option to call, text, and use data abroad without incurring extra charges.

You can check out some of Three's other deals here.


Vodafone has confirmed that it will be carrying the G4, but there are currently no details on pricing or availability.

Bear in mind that Vodafone does have a tendency to offer a bunch of freebies with flagship devices to try and get people to sign on for its contracts. Right now a number of the network's 'Red Value' contracts let customers choose  between six month subscriptions of Now TV, Spotify Premium, or Sky Sports Mobile TV. While it's not been confirmed yet, it would be surprising if it didn't announce one or two similar deals for the G4.

Here's where to check out existing Vodafone deals.

We're going to keep updating this post as the networks announce details on pricing and availability, so if you've got your eyes on an LG G4 for release day, keep checking in to see what's what.