Windows 10 Will Run Android Apps, Says MS Blogger

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft know-most-of-it-all Paul Thurrott says Microsoft's unified platform theory for Windows 10 will include Android apps, with the software giant set to confirm that Google smartphone and tablet software will run on Windows 10 mobile devices.

Thurrott is convinced the announcement will come this week, at Microsoft's developer-focussed Build event, where Microsoft will expand upon its ambition of seeing Windows apps running everywhere by reversing the stream so the masses of Android apps can run on devices that use the mobile OS formerly known as Windows Phone.

Will this see a surge in popularity for Windows mobile things as a whole world of Android apps opens up for use, or as Thurrott expects, will it lead to an "exodus" of mobile Windows users, as they realise that they're now so used to using Android apps it makes sense to go the whole hog and get an Android model come next upgrade time?

Thurrott, ever the Microsoft enthusiast, says the move will be thought of as a "slap in the face" for sole Windows app developers, as it basically says they wasted their lives mastering Windows app dev when they could've stuck with Android all along. [Paul Thurrott visĀ Windows Central]