You Can Waterproof Your Galaxy S6 by Encasing it in Silicone

By Tom Pritchard on at

In one of a few roundabout decisions, when Samsung released the Galaxy S6 it opted not to make the device waterproof like the Galaxy S5. I'm sure some Samsung fans will have been annoyed with that, because waterproofing is a gimmick that's actually quite useful. Galaxy S6 owners do have one option, however, and all it requires is some silicone and the willingness to handicap your phone.

If you're feeling brave, you can always follow this DIY guide from Peripatetic Panda on YouTube and submerge your S6 in silicone for 24 hours. That sandwiches your gel in hardened silicone, and it should keep water out of your phone without affecting the use of the touchscreen.

But about that whole 'handicapping' the phone bit. As you can see this method envelopes the phone with a layer of silicone, and that makes it impossible to use any of the ports. That means no pulling out the SIM card, as well as no access to the USB port and headphone jack. So doing this means you have to rely on Bluetooth headsets and wireless charging to keep your phone working.

Oh and since the silicone will be covering the lens, the camera will be worse than useless. Maybe waterproofing isn't that important after all...

But if you desperately need to make your S6 waterproof, regardless of the consequences, you can. Though you do do it at your own risk, and should accept that it will definitely void the warranty. [YouTube via The Next Web]