Your Dad's Not the Only One Still Using Windows XP

By Gary Cutlack on at

Windows XP is still going strong, despite Microsoft's repeated attempts to get the world to upgrade to something a bit more modern. Stats show it's currently powering nearly 17 per cent of all Windows desktops, making it the second most popular form of desktop software out there in 2015.

The incumbent winner, according to stats generated by Netmarketshare, is Windows 7, which, during March of this year, was in use on around 58 per cent of all big old desktops. Good old XP, with its roots in the Windows 95 world, is in second place, on nearly 17 per cent of machines.

The two main versions of Windows 8 manage just 14 per cent in total, but even that beats the Mac world's OS X and its nigh-on 6 per cent share. [Netmarketshare via The Inquirer]