A 3D Printed Ultrasound for a Blind Expectant Mother Will Melt Your Heart

By Gerald Lynch on at

When it comes to 3D printing, we often focus on the impact it will have on businesses and production lines -- 3D printed car and airplane partsweaponry, jewellery. But this video offers a heartwarming reminder of some of the more personal and emotional possibilities the technology holds.

Tatiana Guerra, 30, has been blind since the age of 17. 20 weeks into her pregnancy, she had thought that her ultrasound would offer little more than, at best, news of her healthy baby boy in the womb. But, thanks to 3D printing, Guerra is presented with a 3D printed copy of the ultrasound, letting her feel the shape of her unborn child's face:

While 3D printing has been used for some years to create keepsake models of foetuses, this somewhat unique scenario hammers home the potentially transformative power of 3D printing on our daily lives. It may be part of a Huggies ad campaign, but you'd need a heart of stone not to be moved by this. [YouTube]