A New Xbox One Controller With a Proper Headphone Jack is on the Way

By Nick Cowen on at

With E3 around the corner, players and pundits alike are speculating about what the games industry's major players will be revealing - we know we've been doing just that - and monitoring the many leaks and non-announcements ahead of the expo.

We know there'll be a new Guitar Hero. We know there'll be a new Call Of Duty. And we know that Bethesda are rebooting Doom. Well, now we know that the Xbox One is getting a new control pad, too.

Eurogamer has spotted that Microsoft has essentially outed its new piece of kit on its own website. The page for the Xbox One controller has been updated to include a 3.5mm port for compatible audio devices, and states that this new feature is "only available on controllers released after June 2015."

So on top of Halo 5 and a Gears Of War remaster for the Xbox One it's likely that Microsoft's E3 keynote will probably see the unveiling of a new Xbox One controller. Hopefully it'll have more added functionality than just a new audio port. The ability to recharge the control pad without having to buy reams and reams of batteries would be rather good, we feel. [Eurogamer]