Access to Simple Mobile Services Could Help Millions of Indian Farmers

By Nick Cowen on at

Vodafone is has conducted a report identifying six mobile services that could help improve the output and income of small-scale farmers in India.

The Connected Farming in India report, which Vodafone conducted in conjunction with Accenture, revealed that the services - which included farming tutorials, weather reports, organising supply chains, receipt ledgers and mobile access to payments and loans - could help over 70 million farmers’ increase income by an average of $128 a year.

“One-third of humanity relies on food grown by 500 million smallholder farmers with less than two hectares of land," Serpil Timuray, Vodafone chief executive for the Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific region, said.

"Mobile has a critically important role to play in increasing agricultural resilience and enhancing quality of life for some of the poorest people on earth.

“Our experience in Turkey has demonstrated how mobile services can transform farmers’ ability to increase crop yields, improve efficiency and grow farm gate incomes.”

“As the global population continues to expand, farmers have an urgent need to produce ever-increasing amounts of food," she added. "Smart and forward-looking initiatives such as the Vodafone Farmers’ Club concept can make a real difference in addressing the global challenge of food production and security.”

While the idea of helping food producers in India may seem like a world away from the problems facing consumers in the West, the video below shows how close to home these supply chains reach.