Adblock Locks Out Mobile Ads With Custom Android Browser

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the Adblock Plus extension, is moving into mobile ad obliteration. With Google unsurprisingly not happy to let ads be blocked on Android in a simple manner, ABP is going to the rather extreme length of launching its own Adblock Browser.

The Adblock Plus browser is now available in beta form, with potential users asked to sign up to a test scheme via the app's Google+ listing. Get it on your phone and you should see a web experience built around, ahem, "saving users battery life" and reducing mobile data use by eliminating ads, with the developer saying one of the problems with ads is that users find "little value" in the animated drivel they're served on mobile and tablet.

Till Faida, co-founder of Adblock Plus, said: "As people have embraced the mobile web, advertisers have rushed in after them and destroyed the user experience with ads that are often thoughtlessly designed, as well as mobile ad networks that are riddled with security holes. Adblock Browser for Android puts the control back into users' hands."

A message from the developer on the app's G+ page reads: "We're currently waiting for Google to publish our app, and hope that this will happen within the next couple of hours." Once it's through, it should be installable on the Android device of anyone who signs up to the beta scheme, ahead of a full public launch. [Adblock Plus]