Adblock Plus Ruled Legal After German Court Battle

By Gary Cutlack on at

A war between German media publishers and browser (now phone) advert exterminator Adblock Plus has ruled in favour of the ad blocker, saying it's not illegal or anti-competitive -- so the publishers have no right to block users running the extension.

Adblock Plus was facing an attack from German publishers RTL and ProSiebenSat1, who were asking the courts to rule the extension an anti-competitive piece of software. The court said the extension was not anti-competitive because users have to actually choose to download it, seek the thing out and stick it on their devices, plus they say its userbase isn't yet large enough to have a significant impact on the revenues of the media giants.

The maker of the ad-blocking extension, Eyeo, said: "We are elated at the decision reached today by the Munich court, which is another win for every Internet user. It confirms each individual’s right to block annoying ads, protect their privacy and, by extension, determine his or her own internet experience."

Eyeo is also happy that its Acceptable Ads halfway house solution, which lets publishers pay to have discreet ads added to a whitelist that passes through the filter, is also not breaking any laws. Which is handy, as that's how it makes its money. [The Drum]